Curt Haworth Movement and Performance

Curt Haworth Movement and Performance, a project-based group, produces humanistic choreography. Using text, as both source material for content and as a vehicle to convey emotional experience, is central to its vision, but MAP is dedicated to formalism and the nuances of movement, time and space. It is a formalist approach rooted in athleticism mixed with sequential momentum and gesture. The work generates questions of how we present work in space and how the shared experience charges the atmosphere in performance hoping to give a visceral experience to the audience. Working in close collaboration with musicians, movers and visual artists, the work blurs the line of improvisation and choreography seeking to capture the ephemeral nature of both dance and life. This generates work that melds form and content, so that neither leads nor follows but points to the poetic junction of the literal and abstract. It is work that is in the world and of the world and reflects the phenomena of existence with the hope that a shared experience with the audience fuses the mundane and the transcendent.

Curt Haworth is an expatriate Californian who choreographed and danced in New York City for twenty years before moving to Philadelphia in 2009. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz and a MFA in Dance from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He has an eclectic movement background ranging from Modern Dance and Contemporary Modern techniques to African Diasporic Dance, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, and Ballet. He has studied Ideokinesis intensively with Irene Dowd, and has been influence by somatic studies in Alexander Technique, Klein Technique and Body Mind Centering. Curt performed with Race Dance from 1992-1998, and toured internationally with David Dorfman Dance from 1990 to 2002, while creating over 15 original roles. He was a Movement Research Artist in Residence in 2001-2002, and has taught regularly in NYC at Movement Research and DNA (formerly Dance Space Center). He has taught and set work as a guest artist throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Asia including over 10 years at both the American Dance Festival and the Tisch Summer Dance Residency. Curt is a Professor at UARTs, where he has taught since 2002.